Darkness – Five Sentence Fiction


Picture Prompt for Five Sentence Fiction September 4, 2014

Notice: This post contains adult content and is intended for audiences 18 and older.

Wrapped in mist that swirled up from the soft ground into a world of darkness, he wandered aimlessly.

Leaves softly crunched beneath his bare feet though no tree ever appeared before him or snuck up behind him – only Her.

In that warm darkness, that mist which clothed their otherwise naked bodies, they discovered each other and fell, for reasons unknown and untold, into each other’s arms, lips, legs, each desperately drawing the other in.

Closer and tighter, their tongues twirled around each other, Her nipples hard with desire pressed against his muscular chest, his cock throbbed against Her belly, hungry to exist within the warmth of Her pussy.

Wet and hard and pulsing together, gripping and pulling and needing each other, they persued each other’s pleasure until moans and groans became frenzied grunts and cries for release.


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Ada, Angela, Attraction

Let me give you a little background on this scene. Ada and Angela met earlier in the evening and they are enjoying a Girl’s Night Out with a couple of mutual friends. The post that tells the story of how they met is Introducing Angela. For a little more insight into where Ada is coming from read Introducing Ada Hammond, the first post in this series.

Women don’t go into the public restrooms of busy places by themselves so when Ada excused herself from the company of her friends to go, Angela promptly jumped up.

“I’ll go with you,” she offered.

Angela followed and Ada wondered, “Is she looking at me? Checking me out?” She instinctively shook her head, flipping her brown hair around and over her right shoulder. Angela would surely be able to see the left side of her neck and the soft, tender skin behind her earlobe that was silently wishing to be kissed.

As so often happens, several women were already lined up, waiting their turn for the ladies’ room, so Ada and Angela took their places at the end of the line. The little hallway they stood in was crowded with tipsy women and the occasional half-lit man maneuvering his way between the string of women and the wall opposite them.

“You can always tell in this kind of cramped location which women a man finds attractive,” Ada said.

Angela furrowed her brow. “What? How?”

“Watch them step through the hallway. This guy for example…” Ada nodded towards a tall blonde carefully choosing his steps.

“Okay. I’m watching,” Angela answered.

“He practically hugged the wall when he was passing the red-head down there and he put his hand low on that woman’s back to get her attention and say excuse me.”

Angela laughed, nodding her agreement with the interpretation of his body language.

“If his hand was any lower,” Ada continued, “he would have been grabbing her ass.”

A heavy-set woman came out of the one-seater ladies’ restroom. She mashed herself against the wall and side-stepped towards the energy and booze of the bar.

“I guess you can tell which women a woman finds attractive, too,” Angela pointed out with a grin.

As the woman carefully stepped past Ada and Angela, they flattened themselves tight against their own wall and Angela squished in towards Ada even though stepping closer to her was not necessary for accommodating the unknown woman. Angela’s thigh pressed against Ada’s and in their tipsy state they chuckled at their close predicament.

“Ooo, Angela,” Ada said in her best funny-sultry voice, “You must find me attractive.” Ada looked into Angela’s eyes and at her mouth, such a captivating mouth. Ada wasn’t ready to admit it out loud but the intruding fantasy of feeling those lips against her own was exciting.

Angela answered, “Oh, Baby,” in a silly, mocking tone. Imitating a man too drunk to flirt well, she scanned Ada’s body to where their legs pressed against each other. The look on Angela’s face, in her eyes, was not one of parody though. Her admiration of Ada’s body seemed sincere. The sweet warmth low in Ada’s pelvis grew.

“‘Scuse me. Hello.” A woman tapped Ada’s shoulder and startled her out of her waking fantasy. “Are you in line? I think you’re next.”

“Oops. Thank you,” Ada answered the woman politely and then gestured to Angela, “Go ahead. You go first.”

“Come on. We’ll go together. It’s no big deal. Besides, there’s an asshat over there who keeps looking at you with a she’s-so-drunk-I’m-gonna-score expression on his face.” Enough said. Ada took Angela’s hand and they disappeared into the small restroom together.

Having relieved herself, Ada pulled her jeans up. “Your turn.”

“I don’t need to go,” Angela replied.

“Oh, well, okay,” Ada said while she pulled the end of her leather belt through its buckle.

Angela put her hands on Ada’s, stopping her from securing the buckle, then touched Ada’s hips and brushed her thighs with her fingertips. “You’re so pretty and I do think you’re attractive,” Angela said.

“Is she still being funny? Joking around?” Ada wondered. “Is she serious?”

Although she was uncertain, Ada reached up and stroked Angela’s jaw anyway. Angela sighed softly and leaned in for a kiss. Ada’s lungs quivered when she inhaled. She pressed into Angela’s lips, daring to try for a French kiss. Angela granted Ada’s unspoken request and parted her lips. Angela passed her tongue across Ada’s top lip, much like she had done to the wine glass earlier in the evening. She gently nipped Ada’s bottom lip for a luscious moment. Inspired by a craving which had intensified through the night, Ada wrapped her arms around Angela and pulled her close.

“You feel good against me,” Ada moaned. The pressure of Angela’s breasts against her own increased her excitement.

Angela reached down and undid the half-done buckle of Ada’s belt. She deftly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Ada picked up the hem of Angela’s knee-length, box-pleated skirt. The light fabric gave easily, piling into gentle folds as Ada moved her hand up Angela’s legs. She felt for panties which were not there.

Angela shoved her hands into either side of Ada’s jeans and pushed them over her hips leaving Ada’s lacy panties mostly in place.

Ada gently guided Angela to spread her feet apart, opening enough space between her legs for Ada to explore the more intimate places on Angela’s body. She set the palm of her hand over Angela’s smooth, hairless pussy and caressed her slippery folds. Angela inhaled sharply then moaned quietly before shifting Ada’s panties, wet from excitement, to the side. She slipped her fingers into Ada’s inviting pussy. Ada rolled her hips, grinding against Angela’s hand.

Thump, thump, thump. Someone knocked on the bathroom door. “Come on! There’s people out here that gotta go, too,” a stranger’s voice resonated through the door.

Ada groaned, pulled her hand from under Angela’s skirt, and sucked her fingers one at a time until she could no longer taste Angela on them. She held Angela’s hand in place between her legs and rolled her hips around Angela’s fingers a few more times before letting go and pulling her clothes back on right.

“We’re coming back to this later,” Ada asserted.

“God, I hope so.”

Ada and Angela straightened their clothes one more time and double checked their hair and make-up.

“Ready?” Ada asked. With a nod from Angela, she opened the bathroom door and they returned to the crowded hallway.

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Introducing Angela

“Hey, Vicky!” Ada embraced her dreadfully missed friend.”

“Well hi, stranger.” Lizeth jumped up from the table. The legs of the chair grated across the smooth concrete floor and Lizeth greeted Ada with another hug.

“Come on, come sit down.” Vicky invited Ada warmly and shoved a glass of wine into her hand.

“I’m so glad to be here, to get out for a little while. You have no idea.” Ada rolled her eyes as she sat down at the familiar table.

A third woman was at the table, someone Ada did not know. “I’m sorry, my bad attitude is a terrible way to meet. Let me start over. Hi, I’m Ada.”

The stranger smiled and shook her head making her dark, curly locks sway back and forth over her shoulders. “No worries. Hi Ada. My name is Angela.” The ladies reached across the cat relaxing in a short, round basket in the middle of Vicky’s table, politely shook hands and smiled. Something about Angela’s expression and dark brown eyes drew Ada in. She forced herself to look away.

The ladies talked over their cheap, red wine, catching up on the events – good, bad, exciting, boring, it didn’t matter – of their lives. When Ada suggested that her update wasn’t worth sharing Angela spoke up, “Everyone belongs to everyone else. What matters to you, matters to us.”

“Aldous Huxley, Brave New World,” Lizeth said. “Nice. You’re a reader, something else we have in common.”

“Bottoms up!” Angela announced. “Taxi’s here.”

Angela gulped the last of her wine and ran her tongue along the rim of her glass catching the final drops before they slid down the side of the wine glass.

“That’s so sexy,” Ada shook the surprising thought from her head but the equally surprising sensation rising between her legs would not go away.

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Introducing Ada Hammond

“If he’s not going to trust me….” Ada inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. She stared into her own green eyes in the bathroom mirror.

“This is the relationship we have and if that is the way he’s going to believe it to be then I should give him a reason to believe that way.” She pulled her bra around her ribcage and snapped the delicate, white plastic clip together at the front. She slipped a basic t-shirt on and tugged the bottom edge over the waistband of her low-rise blue jeans. The light pink ladies’ cut tee was the closest thing to sexy she could wear out of the house without arousing too much suspicion. She reached behind her neck to lift her hair out of the back of the shirt, an action which caused her shirt to rise just enough to reveal a band of alabaster skin just below her belly button. She shook her head in disapproval while yanking her shirt back down over her belt – not that she minded, but she knew her husband would.

A little lipstick on but not too dark and no lip liner. A little powder to keep her modest blush in place. A brush through her plain, brown hair. She sighed in defeat. “We’ll never be okay,” she whispered to herself, “and you just have to be okay with that.” Her green eyes, looking out from the mirror, were dull. Flat. You would never believe they used to be vibrant with energy and enthusiasm unless you knew her when they were.

She looked at herself in the mirror one last time, forcing a smile ample enough to see the forlorn dimple in her cheek, before stepping out into the bedroom. Practical, brown, leather flats and a drab, hand-me-down purse dressed up with a slightly less drab stripe sewn around it. She shoved her cell-phone into her back pocket and walked down the stairs.

“Honey! I’m taking off!” She kissed her kids and went looking for her husband, the one who was convinced that she had already cheated him.

“Wow,” her husband’s eyes shimmered with attraction. “You’re going out like that?” He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him. Seized might be a better word, though, considering his desire to hold her was more about possession and control than about loving playfulness. To any outsider his question would have sounded rhetorical, like a joke, a way to complement her. She knew better. It was a back-handed way of showing his discontent and insinuate that she was not committed to him. If you confronted him about that interpretation, he would disagree.

She looked down at herself before throwing her arms wide and attempting to appeal to his logic, “It’s jeans, honey. I’m walking out the door in jeans and a t-shirt.” She dropped her arms, letting her hands slap at her side.

“You just look so sexy.”

“It’s plain and boring, hun. Should I go put on a god damned sack cloth for you?” Her pulse quickened, she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. “Here we go again,” she thought. “This is who we are – who we’ve been and who we’ll always be.”

“No, no,” he replied. “It’s just… I know men. You’re not going out with some guy? Right?”

“Stop. Please stop. I just want to go hang out for a little while with a few friends. Please don’t make this about some guy who doesn’t exist. Please don’t make me feel bad for spending a little time with Vicky and Lizeth.” He always made her feel bad for taking such an opportunity. So much so that she hardly ever saw them.

She smiled as well as she could, not sure if she concealed her frustration with him or not, kissed him quickly, and left before her composure failed.

The woman she used to be was beginning to stir. Ada felt her waking and longed for her return.


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Image for August 21, 2014 Five Sentence Fiction Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in a writing challenge called Five Sentence Fiction. The idea is to write an entire story in only 5 sentences. Each week, a new prompt is posted at Lillie McFerrin Writes – a picture and a word. It’s a general creative writing challenge but, of course, the pieces I write will be erotica.

This week’s word is “waiting” and the picture of the woman in the rain.


by Lillian Springborn

Meg watched the train approach, waiting in the rain as patiently as her eager mind and body would allow.

Her lover was on that train and Meg would be joining her on the next leg of the journey, one that would take them to their romantic hide away in the majestic mountains of Redding,  California.

She rehearsed their reunion – imagined holding her coat close to keep the rain and unwelcome eyes off her bare skin while the baggage porter assisted her with her umbrella and luggage, imagined climbing on board and joining Ginger in their sleeping car, holding her, kissing her, breathing her in, and letting her coat hang loose and open.

And so it was and Ginger trembled, reaching for her exposed lover, every hair on their bodies stood on end in anticipation,  every nerve fired lightning as they became one.

Even in their full embrace they ached to be closer and she pulled her in.


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Ten Seconds

“You get 10 seconds.”stopwatch

“What? That’s it?”

“Oh, that’s plenty if you do it right,” Eric teased. “Here, let me show you. I’ll go first.” Eric wrapped his hands gently around Ceana’s wrists and lifted her arms over her head.

“One Mississippi…” Eric whispered.

Ceana glanced up at her own hands and watched Eric’s hands slide down her forearms, over her elbows, and continue their soft movement along the underside of her arms.

“Two Mississippi.”

Ceana closed her eyes and focused on the feel of his fingers gliding past the sides of her breasts. She held her breath expecting him to slip a finger under the bottom band of her bra.

“That’s three seconds. Are you counting?”

“I’m supposed to be counting?” Ceana giggled.

“Yes, of course. You’re supposed to tell me when my ten seconds is up.” Eric pretended to check the time on an imaginary watch. “Uh, oh. Four seconds.”

Eric continued moving his hands, sliding them down Ceana’s sides to her hips. Ceana lowered her arms, draping them over Eric’s shoulders.

“Oh, no.” Eric wagged his index finger in disapproval. “That’s five seconds and you are not allowed to move while it’s my turn.” He lifted her arms from his shoulders and returned them to the space above her head.

Eric set the palms his hands on Ceana’s waist and looked intently at her face. Her cheeks, her chin. He kissed each of them softly. He watched her mouth closely as she licked and gently bit her own lips. Eric had stirred a craving in Ceana and he could see it through her eyes. Eric’s own eyes danced with devilish delight, a most beautiful vision of his desire for her and the joy he felt at teasing her.

“Six seconds,” Ceana counted.

Eric kissed her lips and the side of her neck. Ceana closed her eyes again, experiencing only Eric’s touch and scent. He bushed the top of her shoulder with his lips, sliding her narrow purple bra strap out of the way long enough to kiss the soft spot there without interference. He slowly lowered himself to one knee while kissing his way across her chest to the top of her breast. She breathed more rapidly.


Eric kissed his way down the middle of Ceana’s torso. Her body warmed, melting within her ribcage, in response to the bristle of his goatee, his soft lips, and warm mouth on her skin. Yearning slid uncontrollably down the inside of her skin, into her belly where it flipped with nervous anticipation. Eric gently pulled on her belly button ring with his teeth before continuing on his course.

Eric whispered, “You’re not counting.” His lips tickled her belly as he spoke.

“I forgot,” Ceana’s voice faltered. “I think that’s eight.”

Eric slid his hands from Ceana’s waist, curled his fingers over the top of her jeans, and unbuttoned them.

“You’re so pretty,” Eric murmured as he unzipped her jeans. He pulled the denim apart and kissed on her newly exposed skin which begged to be touched some more.


Anticipation and want settled between Ceana’s legs. She looked down at her lover and she wiggled, a reflex reaction to the sensations building inside her.

Eric slipped his hands inside Ceana’s jeans and gripped her hips, holding her body still. Lips still pressed against her, Eric glanced up and playfully taunted her, “You don’t get to do that. Only I can move.” His eyes revealed a need, a physical hunger, surpassing the previous satisfaction of seducing her.

“Only as long as it’s your turn,” Ceana said, recognizing the delicious opportunity to turn the tables. Stepping up to the rank of seductress instead of seduced, Ceana leaned away and pretended to look at an imaginary watch. With a wicked grin, she looked at Eric.


Eric reached out as she backed away, knowing he had been bested at his own game.

Ceana pushed his arms away, “Not while it’s my turn.”

“I love laundry day,” Eric remarked through a sexy grin, recalling that all his boxers were in the dryer. His eyes sparkled, locked on to hers, as he speculated on the possibilities of her response and prepared himself for submission.

Naughty Tales & Dirty Words week 8

Naughty Week #8

Along with the photo please be sure to use these seven words:
Blue, Committed, Stripe, Energy, Opportunity, Stir and Dimple.


“He is such an asshole!”  Sara exclaimed to herself as she finished up her paperwork in the office of the local “Y”.

Danny,  her boss, agreed to host a local dance troop, allowing them regular practice time in the gym, in spite of the fact that he can’t work on Fridays.  Committed,  Sara now had to work late every Friday for the next 6 weeks.

“He thinks he can look at me with those deep blue eyes and I’ll just submit to his demands,”  she muttered with a scowl on her face  as her mind drifted to his sculptured chest, tight ass, thick blonde hair, and his Ryan Gosling smile,  right down to that sexy dimple.

“Mmmmm,”  she moaned as she regained her focus.  “I’m just screwed,” whispering through her smile as she gathered her purse and keys.  She peaked through the small office window. “Finally!” she thought as she watched the last couple of dancers walk towards the locker room.

She was anxious to get to MacDuff’s pub because she had an opportunity to watch Danny, who played there every Friday night.  Sara was filled with a new-found burst of energy.  She  made her final rounds double time and slipped into the bathroom for a quick change and makeup.

“Thanks Sara! Have a good night,” the troop leader shouted as she walked out the front door.

“Good night Lynn! see you next week,” Sara said,  chasing right behind her.

“SHIT!” Sara grunted, stopping just as she reached the door.  She had set her purse down in the equipment room.  Sara ran back through the gym and past the lockers to the equipment room.  Never slowing, she grabbed her purse,  locked up the room and started back the way she came (as her mind drifted back to Danny’s chiseled chest).

“Damn!…Really?” Sara asked the universe when she dropped her keys and they slid under the first row of lockers. She was determined to make the last call for happy hour and wish Danny luck before he jumped on stage.  Sara dove to the floor as if she was a trained Navy seal and stretched her arm under the locker feeling around frantically for her keys.  Unable to locate them by feel,  Sara (AKA seal team six)  pressed her ear to the bright yellow stripe that ran the length of the lockers and peered under the base.

“Gotchya!” she panted  as she extended her arm as far back as she could and with lightning speed she snatched them up.  She leaped back to her feet and as she reached for her purse a giant “BANG”  echoed through the room.  Sara’s heart pounded and she froze as another rang out. “BANG”! Quietly drawing each breath,  she listened.  She knew that sound.  It was the distinct noise of locker doors being slammed shut.  Thinking she was alone, she cautiously tip-toed up to the corner of the second row.  Animal like grunts and moans filled her ears.  Scared for her life and thinking somehow a bear or mountain lion had found its way into the building (not unheard of in these parts),  she slowly peaked around the corner.

She paused as a sense of relief and shock washed over her. Eyes wide open,  Sara quietly watched as Jessica and Diane, two of the dancers, were locked in passionate embrace. Her arms out to either side,  Diane pressed Jessica against the blue lockers as they kissed.  She kept her pinned as she explored her ears and neck with her mouth. Jessica’s arms where above her head; she held firmly to the top of the lockers leaving her body exposed and completely available to Diane from head to toe.

Sara’s inner voyeur began to stir.  She was possessed by the unbridled dance of the two lovers.  Unable to move, think, or breathe she stayed still and silent while she drank their lust with her deep hazel eyes.  Her body tingled as she felt her wetness grow with every kiss, every stroke she witnessed.

Jessica moaned uncontrollably as Diane feverishly continued to explore.  Tearing away her top and popping her bra,  she worked her way down the center of Jessica’s  chest, then shifting to her right breast biting and sucking her hard tender nipples. Then moving to her left, repeating her ritualistic stimulation.  Unable to resist another second, Jessica lowered her arms, ran her fingers through Diane’s dark auburn hair and with a soft moan of approval, pulled Diane firmly into her bosom.

Sara stood alone and quiet,  her body overcome with wave after wave of pleasure. With her hot pink shorts unbuttoned and her right hand slid down under her panties she softly caressed her own hot wet flesh while she struggled to stay silent.

Diane was in a fever pitch. tasting her salty sweet skin she crouched at Jessica’s feet kissing and licking a path down her hard abs. Diane slips her lover’s panties down  to her feet exposing her soft,wet flesh and kisses her way down to her button.  Jessica shuttered, her fingers still tangled in Diane’s hair.   Diane flicked her button over and over with her tongue until her lover exploded in a symphony of moans.

Sara was overwhelmed by lust! Her climax, impossible to suppress.  Her body sank down to the floor, her nerves tingling as she cried out in a stern and passionate voice “Oh god! Yes, Yes, Yessss!”

Sara’s  subjects were startled but not deterred. They press on…

Rising to her feet, Jessica, still shuttering from her blissful climax, forcefully pulled Diane against her with her left arm and quickly thrust her right hand down her panties, bluntly thrust 3 fingers inside her dripping hot pussy.  Jessica held Diane close thrusting into her harder and harder until Diane gushed moaning uncontrollably.

Sara’s distant lovers embraced for a few moments, gently kissing.  They rose to their feet with haste and dressed.  They nodded with a devilish grin as they stepped over Sara’s spent body without a single word and exited.  Sarah took her time. She gathered her purse and keys, shut off the lights and headed to the pub.

She smiled as she walked through the door, her eyes falling on Danny and thought, “Some things are worth the wait.”